Sports Injury: When to See the Doctor

When I was called to the local sports club to give a small pep talk, I found out specifically with the organizers how much time they had allocated to me on the stage. This because as a physiotherapist and a sportsman who had dedicated more than two decades of his life to sports and wellness, I wanted to address an important point to these budding sports people.

The correct time to see the doctor!

Who wants to see them unless of course there is an emergency?

But when you are into sports and you know that your main asset is your fitness level, it is imperative that you know when exactly is the good time to see a doctor when you are suffering from pain.

Let me give you my own example:

I was into serious sports even when I was in middle school. The school’s team was my nirvana. I had worked very hard to get in there and there was no way I wanted to be left out when they toured the city.

One of the days during the net practice session, I fell off in a freak situation and brushed my elbows and knees. I got up, brushed myself and continued the practice. That evening I went back home and did home treatment by spraying an analgesic and wearing a crepe bandage.

The pain stayed for a week and slowly I began feeling that it was affecting y performance on the ground. Additionally, I even felt that I could be a risk to my own teammates if I carried on playing. There was a continuous swelling around my knee and also slight instability in my gait.

A chance reading on told me that going to a doctor at this point was the best thing to do albeit late already. It took me months to recover what little carefulness and diligence would have taken a week or two to recover completely.

That season I only watched my team from the pavilion with a promise to myself that I would never bring things again to this naught!!

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