Some Basic Stretches For Better Back Health

Back pain has spared no one. Everyone goes through this uncomfortable pain at some point or the other. It is not restricted to just old people or those with poor health. Even the young and healthy can suffer from a back pain, if the muscles are not stretched properly.

Stretching your back for Health

Stretching your back for a healthy back is very important. A few minutes a day can give you complete relief from this recurring problem. Here are a few basic stretches one can do by themselves, right at home and enjoy a pain free day.

Spine Stretch

This stretch as the name indicates aims to stretch out the entire spine. This elongates the paraspinal muscles that surround the spine.

  • Start this stretch by sitting flat on the floor with your feet extended in front of you
  • Keep your feet wider that your hips
  • Now start reaching out between your legs with your hands
  • As you bend forward, draw your chin towards your neck (you will experience a good stretch along the back of your neck and upper spine)
  • Hold the position and slowly nudge forward until you feel a good stretch
  • Repeat this several times a day, especially at the end of the day to relieve all the muscles along your spine

Cat- Camel Stretch

A very simple stretch that can give immense relief

  • Start by getting down on all fours – your hands and knees
  • Now arch your back to the maximum extent and look up
  • After 3-5 seconds, round your back fully and look towards your chest
  • Repeat this several times each session and feel your back getting more relaxed

Spinal Twist

This stretch twists your spine and helps remove all the knots

  • Start by lying flat on your back, on the floor
  • Stretch out your arms sideways
  • Now lift your right leg and cross it over to the left side and extend your leg as far as possible
  • Keep your back on flat on the floor, as far as possible. Your right shoulder will tend to lift off the floor a bit, but try your best to keep it down and look up at the ceiling
  • Next open up your chest by reaching your right arm halfway above your head
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat on the other side