Hair Treatment

Hair transplant can benefit people who have lost their hair due to heavy hair fall. Also, it can help people who want their hairlines to be altered. 

So, basically the procedure of hair transplant involves surgery for removing hair follicles. This can be from any part of the body, say for example legs or face. And then these follicles are planted on the portion which is hairless. This procedure can also be performed for hair transplant in eye brows and lashes. 

The latest procedure which is known as follicular hair transplantation is permanent. For this surgery, clusters of hair follicles are picked. This is done either by follicular unit extraction or strip harvesting. To make the process painless, local anesthesia is used. Usually, on the same day of surgery, the patient is allowed to go home. 

Follicular unit extraction And Strip harvesting 

The follicular unit extraction is a very time taking procedure since it is manual. But the output is great since there will not be any marks left and it gives a natural result. The problem with it is that can be very time consuming and not very cost effective. Nowadays, doctors are taking help of robotics which has simplified it and hence the time has reduced. 

In case of strip harvesting, the skin strip which has a good growth of hair is planted on the areas which are balding. It can leave a scar which will be recovered easily in three weeks. In recent times, surgeons are preferring strip harvesting more for the hair transplantation. Hair transplant Glasgow is very effective and can be a good option if you are planning for transplantation. 

Usually, such hairs which are transplanted are exactly like natural hair. You can expect some shedding of hair within few weeks of transplant. Consequently, the roots sprout hair naturally and it is continued for a lifetime.