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Slam dunking is legendary in Basketball. The best players of the game had the ability to slam dunk. Every basketball aspirant aspires to be able to do great vertical jumps and dunks with ease and style. So, it is natural to look for shoes that give you the edge when jumping and dunking. But hey! Wait a minute! Are there really shoes which can make you jump higher? Apart from adequate practice, good health, and stamina, you require shoes that give you the extra bounce, shoes that make slam dunk easy.

Shoes that propel your vertical jump and give you that much-needed bounce should possess the following qualities:

  • A comfortable yet tight, snug fit.
  • The shoes must give you high traction and grip. A comfortable shoe alone is not enough; shoes that slip won’t work and increase the risk of injuries. Shoes that have good traction, hold your feet securely propelling your vertical jump higher with confidence and assurance.
  • The sole of the shoe must be hard and stiff. Cushioning can make your feet feel comfortable, but dunking is all about jumping and shoving the ball right through the hoop. The stiff sole that gives you the confidence to jump and grip the ground is what slam dunking requires.

Nowadays, there are athletic propulsion shoes which promise to make a player’s vertical jump to increase. Whether, they can actually increase the jumping height is still a matter of debate.

So, when choosing a basketball shoe, keep your style in mind. With advance in shoe manufacturing technology and the research that goes into making of the perfect playing shoes, there is a lot of variety to choose from.  Do a bit of research and consult the experts, before you buy yourself an expensive pair. Happy slam dunking!

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