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Health is the most ignored factor these days. The blame is to be put on the changing lifestyles and work timings that are making people run behind money for their livelihood. This cannot be the sole culprit but all the others that are interdependent to this. Yes, every single thing has a connection with the other and together they spoil the normal living of a person. This is a peril to the lives of both a male and a female. In the female, it is more dangerous because they can even damage their reproductive system. The first thing that gets disrupted is the monthly guest, the periods.

A woman, when she skips her food or the regular routine of a day, she gets to see the impact of this on her menstrual cycle. This is probably the starting point. The dates might jump, the flow might either become too scanty or too much. In any case, the system is not normal and it is giving warnings about something very serious. Periods and regular cycles are a must in women. It is very important that they keep their body healthy at least for this reason because this is the foundation for many other things in the body. So women should see that they get their periods on time every time and immediately consult a physician in case of any abnormalities.

This is one very important part of a woman`s body and she needs to be healthy in this sense. It is this that helps to keep her healthy, her system healthy and of course her marital life healthy. It forms the base for many important things. Being born as a girl or a woman is a great honor. So women folk, stay cautious, check your dates, stay healthy and make your periods come faster.

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