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Knowing exactly what you did to injure your knee is vital to the cure. Unless you examine the causes and avoid those activities, for the time being, the knee cannot be on its way to healing. During this time, the knee brace is exactly what you need to protect the knee.

Any good sports doctor would advice ample rest to the knee. The human body is a miracle by itself. It knows when to give in. Pushing the body and testing its limits will only make things worse and the subsequent damage caused because of the callous attitude will be permanent.

The body will take time to heal depending on the type and the amount of damage. When you realize that the knee has been hurt, it makes sense to follow the right procedure for the next two to three days.

  • This is the key. Whatever else happens, adding any kind of stress or strain to the injured part will only make it worse.
  • Ice it. While resting the knee, ensure that you wrap ice in a damp towel and place it on the wound all through the day, twenty minutes at a stretch.
  • Knee brace. Compression is vital to the knee injury. It helps in handling the swelling. Ensure that you do not keep the bandage on at night.
  • This keeps the leg at an appropriate angle, therefore, reducing the swelling and the bleeding. Keep the knee raised and straight on a stool or a pillow.
  • Avoiding any kind of exposure to heat and alcohol is crucial to the recovery.
  • Do not run even after the swelling and the pain has reduced until the doctor has given the approval. There should be no massages done in the injured area either.

The knee will be ready when it is ready. Adding pressure to the healing process will not help in any way. On the contrary, it will only cause extensive damage.

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