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It has become mandatory for companies to conduct drug tests for their employees because workplace drug use can be detrimental to the organization and to the safety of the other workers. The urine test is the most common test conducted to identify the presence of cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, opioids, PCP, and Benzodiazepines. So, in case you have a drug test scheduled it is important for you to know what happens in these tests.

Before you subject yourself to any drug test you must be aware that the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has a set guidelines that have to be adhered to by companies and government agencies for all testing procedures. Even though it is not mandatory for private organizations to follow these guidelines almost all of them do to prevent lawsuits.

The test happens in two phases:

  • Initial screening: Here the urine is checked for the presence of drugs. If the drug amount, which is measured in milliliter is above the safe limit the test is deemed positive.
  • Lab testing: If the initial testing is positive more confirmatory tests are done which are more specific and detailed.

Before any test, you will have to fill some forms and produce your ID proof. Then you are sent to provide your urine sample which is collected by a lab technician in your presence as two different samples. Based on the initial result the second sample is used. Usually, the lab results take 2-5 working days. s

Many times substance abusers resort to detox drinks which have been specifically formulated to help drug users pass the drug test. Almost all detox drinks are based on a condensed antioxidant formula that removes all traces of the drug thereby giving you a clean result. There are several detox drinks on the market, this site reviews detox drinks for drug tests specifically.

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