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The healthcare systems integrated in a country does play a major role in impacting the economy of the country itself. Multi-payer system in France is considered to be the best option in healthcare by some people. While there are others that argue that single payer system as found in Canada would be the best choice. But there is no denying that this is not a one-size fits all model. What works for one country might not work for another country. The population of the country, demographics and other factors influence this as well.

But did you read a column in New York Times that said, “Make America Singapore”? This is something that gained a lot of attention in the recent times. The system that is well acclaimed in this country is one where the national government spends very little on healthcare.

It is a successfully managed system controlled by the government. In most cases individuals incurring medical expenses pay it out of their pocket. This reduces the government’s expenditure. But the individual wouldn’t be burdened either. There are several mandates in terms of the savings. Also for some categories of illnesses quality healthcare services are provided at subsidized prices. This further makes it easy for the citizens. The best part about the system is that even the citizens who are well below the poverty line are taken care of. In most nations the cost of the healthcare prevents struggling population from getting proper medical care. This is prevented in this country wisely. The government adds a little amount in the savings for those who can’t afford healthcare expenses.

Keeping a healthy competition is one way that the country keeps the costs down. There is a stiff competition between all the public hospitals in the nation. This encourages them all to keep medical services more affordable.


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