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Have you ever wondered why does one fall sick? Have you ever wondered how to stay healthy? The answer to both the question is sleep. Yeah, sleep is very important for one’s well being. The quality of sleep is also important.

A sleep can be called as a quality one only when a person sleeps continuously without any disturbances. This is why it is said that at least an eight hour of sleep is required at night. Do you know what happens when one does not get a proper quality and quantity of sleep?

All throughout the day, your body and brain function the way you want them to do it. For example, when you walk or when you calculate the price, you order your body and brain to do the activity. The whole body and brain do not rest and it keeps doing some activities all throughout the day. The whole body and brain take its own time only when we sleep.

The body takes its time for all sorts of muscle repair only when we sleep. The brain regulates the hormone production and secretion properly only when we go to sleep. When the sleep is not continuous, the body and the brain do not get its time to complete all the phase of repair and rejuvenate the body. The result is the tiredness, lack of concentration,and lack of decision making in our daily activities.

How to get a complete sleep will obviously be the next question.

Choose the perfect pillow and bed sheet that suits you good. Latest trendy pillow in the market is Bamboopillow. The plant or so called grass itself has a soft and smooth texture, the pillows provide much comfort. It has an ever fresh smell, which is a booster for getting a relaxed sleep.

In a similar way consider a proper bed sheets and beds to have a relaxed sleep.



B1956 1          Does Stocking Up On Health Pills Help?


If you are a regular on the various social media sites and an avid reader of internet news and views, there is a very high sign that you may have come across advertisements for health supplements as many times as you would have logged in. there is no dearth of companies that are producing such health tablets today and almost all of them claim that they produce them to be the best in that industry.

Tall claims:

Companies manufacturing such tablets world over are known to make very tall claims about the miraculous effect that their tablets and pills can have. Some of them claim them to be shirt term while others claim the effect would definitely help in the long run.

The myth is busted:

Scientists around the world have attempted at various occasions to try and document the changes that a body goes through when they take supplements over a period of time. For instance, scientists have studied a group of people over a period of ten years who were on a vitamin E supplement. The claim was that prolonged use of vitamin E could delay the onset of Prostate Cancer or avoid any symptoms at all in the first place.

But when scientists studies this group of people after ten years of continuous usage of vitamin E along with other non interfering drug, it was noticed much to their dismay that there was no effect whatsoever in the  chances of not contracting Prostate cancer.

Additionally, it also falsified the claim that taking health supplements such as vitamins and other minerals could in any way delay symptoms of degeneration in the body nor cause any reduction of the risk of contracting diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in people who were genetically prone to contract such diseases.

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Everyone Has A Right To Clean Water

For human development and well-being access to safe drinking water is a must. But sadly, there are several million people in this world who do not have access to clean water. Large scale global efforts are in place to make this very basic need available to each and every individual. It is every nation’s responsibility to see that even the poorest section of the society is not denied this fundamental need.

The other aspect that is plaguing several areas on the planet is sanitation and hygiene. 2.5 million people suffer from lack of proper sanitation methods. The mains reason for this staggering number is the lack of clean water – running or potable. All the water sources are either polluted or have dried up.  More than half of the diseases prevalent in developing countries can be traced to unclean and polluted water.

Organizations like the WHO and UNICEF are actively involved in educating the masses on how to prevent water borne diseases. They are working with communities, water suppliers, and even governments to achieve this goal. In fact, they have a set of guidelines and regulations that all governments are expected to adhere to.

These guidelines include risk management approaches to cover catchment areas and also encourage surveillance by independent agencies to ensure that all guidelines and rules are followed and the standard of the water quality is in tune with the national standards and those accepted worldwide.

One of the main hurdles to implementation of all the practices is the rampant corruption. Hence the need of the hour is transparent, accountable and result oriented practices. There is a dire need for trained personnel in these areas. Most often the people are poor and illiterate, therefore the focus should be on education also.

One can get advice on water sanitation and hygiene from the WHO website.


Most of us at one point or the other would have taken an ‘off day’ from work claiming, ‘sick leave’ when we weren’t actually sick. And most employers require a doctor’s note validating the request for leave.

If you are looking for one of those classic, traditional doctor’s note, there are quite a lot of options available online. The internet is a good place to scout for a fake doctor note. These fake doctors note template can be useful many times and can help you out of a sticky situation.

Most of us would like a break from a boring routine, especially if you are in a hard-pressed, high-pressure job as in the TV/ media industry, IT industry etc., and may find it refreshing to take a few days break from work. And when such a deserving break is hard to come by, a fake doctors template should do the trick for you.

Such templates are pretty easy to fill and once you complete the details and submit, the template becomes a doctor’s note. This is probably one of the easiest ways to take that much-deserved break from your work and to set things in perspective.

Another big use or convenience of these notes are that these fake templates come handy when you do not wish to give any explanation or be forced to share your private/ personal concerns with your boss when you don’t want to. Choose a convincing medical excuse to deal with your own individual concerns and taking some time off to deal with your personal issues, whatever they may be.

A word of caution:

Look for authentic and convincing doctor note templates which do not give a fake impression and do not cause trouble to you. It is very important to hunt for a novel doctors’ note rather than going for the mimicked notes from real medical institutions which is illegal and likely to be reported to the authorities if caught.



And you thought pollution was only outside your house?

If you are someone who has been over cautious out of your house because you want to escape the ill effects of pollution then you may be shocked to know that at least half of the most dangerously polluting substances and micro organisms that can cause allergies are already sharing your living space. Yes! That means that they are inside your homes and all hiding in your carpets, rugs and furnishings.

Why only there?

The reason why the microorganisms, allergens and dust and grime stick on the carpet is that unlike hard surfaces that are easy to clean, these soft places become the hiding ground for them simply because they sit and get collected at the base of the soft furnishings and are not too obvious till too long and only when they start manifesting in the form of skin irritation, rashes or other kinds of diseases.

Routine carpet cleaning is a definite must:

Doctors recommend that professional cleaning of the carpet at least once in eight months or up to maximum of one year is a must in order to keep all kinds of micro organisms like dust mites, and molds from forming and multiplying. The cleaning can also ensure that stains and marks that are formed unintentionally due to spillage are also taken care of.

You must do your homework before you zero in on the right people:

Looking for carpet cleaners in the State of LV? You don’t have to look too far. There are some of the best companies that have set up shop here and who have not only extensive experience in the field of cleaning but are also extremely good at their work. Excellent customer service and a free consultation are an added bonus!

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Hair transplant can benefit people who have lost their hair due to heavy hair fall. Also, it can help people who want their hairlines to be altered. 

So, basically the procedure of hair transplant involves surgery for removing hair follicles. This can be from any part of the body, say for example legs or face. And then these follicles are planted on the portion which is hairless. This procedure can also be performed for hair transplant in eye brows and lashes. 

The latest procedure which is known as follicular hair transplantation is permanent. For this surgery, clusters of hair follicles are picked. This is done either by follicular unit extraction or strip harvesting. To make the process painless, local anesthesia is used. Usually, on the same day of surgery, the patient is allowed to go home. 

Follicular unit extraction And Strip harvesting 

The follicular unit extraction is a very time taking procedure since it is manual. But the output is great since there will not be any marks left and it gives a natural result. The problem with it is that can be very time consuming and not very cost effective. Nowadays, doctors are taking help of robotics which has simplified it and hence the time has reduced. 

In case of strip harvesting, the skin strip which has a good growth of hair is planted on the areas which are balding. It can leave a scar which will be recovered easily in three weeks. In recent times, surgeons are preferring strip harvesting more for the hair transplantation. Hair transplant Glasgow is very effective and can be a good option if you are planning for transplantation. 

Usually, such hairs which are transplanted are exactly like natural hair. You can expect some shedding of hair within few weeks of transplant. Consequently, the roots sprout hair naturally and it is continued for a lifetime. 

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The healthcare systems integrated in a country does play a major role in impacting the economy of the country itself. Multi-payer system in France is considered to be the best option in healthcare by some people. While there are others that argue that single payer system as found in Canada would be the best choice. But there is no denying that this is not a one-size fits all model. What works for one country might not work for another country. The population of the country, demographics and other factors influence this as well.

But did you read a column in New York Times that said, “Make America Singapore”? This is something that gained a lot of attention in the recent times. The system that is well acclaimed in this country is one where the national government spends very little on healthcare.

It is a successfully managed system controlled by the government. In most cases individuals incurring medical expenses pay it out of their pocket. This reduces the government’s expenditure. But the individual wouldn’t be burdened either. There are several mandates in terms of the savings. Also for some categories of illnesses quality healthcare services are provided at subsidized prices. This further makes it easy for the citizens. The best part about the system is that even the citizens who are well below the poverty line are taken care of. In most nations the cost of the healthcare prevents struggling population from getting proper medical care. This is prevented in this country wisely. The government adds a little amount in the savings for those who can’t afford healthcare expenses.

Keeping a healthy competition is one way that the country keeps the costs down. There is a stiff competition between all the public hospitals in the nation. This encourages them all to keep medical services more affordable.


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Back pain has spared no one. Everyone goes through this uncomfortable pain at some point or the other. It is not restricted to just old people or those with poor health. Even the young and healthy can suffer from a back pain, if the muscles are not stretched properly.

Stretching your back for Health

Stretching your back for a healthy back is very important. A few minutes a day can give you complete relief from this recurring problem. Here are a few basic stretches one can do by themselves, right at home and enjoy a pain free day.

Spine Stretch

This stretch as the name indicates aims to stretch out the entire spine. This elongates the paraspinal muscles that surround the spine.

  • Start this stretch by sitting flat on the floor with your feet extended in front of you
  • Keep your feet wider that your hips
  • Now start reaching out between your legs with your hands
  • As you bend forward, draw your chin towards your neck (you will experience a good stretch along the back of your neck and upper spine)
  • Hold the position and slowly nudge forward until you feel a good stretch
  • Repeat this several times a day, especially at the end of the day to relieve all the muscles along your spine

Cat- Camel Stretch

A very simple stretch that can give immense relief

  • Start by getting down on all fours – your hands and knees
  • Now arch your back to the maximum extent and look up
  • After 3-5 seconds, round your back fully and look towards your chest
  • Repeat this several times each session and feel your back getting more relaxed

Spinal Twist

This stretch twists your spine and helps remove all the knots

  • Start by lying flat on your back, on the floor
  • Stretch out your arms sideways
  • Now lift your right leg and cross it over to the left side and extend your leg as far as possible
  • Keep your back on flat on the floor, as far as possible. Your right shoulder will tend to lift off the floor a bit, but try your best to keep it down and look up at the ceiling
  • Next open up your chest by reaching your right arm halfway above your head
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat on the other side

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Are you an athlete who is working towards achieving new strength goal or are you trying to boost the exercise intensity? Whatever it is, a workout supplement will help you take your endurance to the next level. Well, the source for the article is a short research on workout supplement and here’s a quick summary of that to make it simpler.

Before the training session, a supplement containing carbohydrates and some amounts of caffeine works best as it delays fatigue and helps in staying strong for the rest of the training session. But immediately after the session, a muscle need a speedy recovery. Hence, BCAA works wonders to prevent muscle tissue damage and helps in speeding the recovery process.

Here are some ingredients that will be part of the pre- and post-workout supplements

  1. Carbohydrates

It is present in both pre- and post- workout supplements. As they are the key to fueling the muscles. Complex carbohydrates get stored in the body as Glycogen. When this glycogen is depleted, the body experiences fatigue. Carbs give energy to the muscles in the quickest and easiest way possible.

People engaged in high-intensity training must consume up to 4.5 grams of carbs per pound of their body weight and it varies depending on each individual.

  1. Caffeine

It is present in both pre- workout supplements. Caffeine is necessary as it gives an effortless feel even for a long session of workout. If athletes consumed caffeine one hour prior to the workout session, their endurance during a workout is increased by considerable amounts.

Too much of caffeine will make you feel jittery and nervous. It is advised to consume it in moderate amounts and not more than 600mg per day.

  1. Vitamin C

It is present in both pre- and post- workout supplements. Vitamin C help the body to relieve stress as it is an anti-oxidant. In addition, it protects the athlete from developing coughing or wheezing during the workout sessions.

While Women should get 75 mg of Vitamin C per day, Men should get 90 mg per day.

  1. Vitamin B6 and B12

It is present in both pre- and post- workout supplements. These vitamins are required the most when the body is in stress.

  1. BCAA

It is present in both pre- and post- workout supplements. It helps in the digestion of food, repairs the body tissue and promotes muscle growth.

One can consume up to 20 gms per day.

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Are you a person who is intimidated just by the thought of going to a dentist? Is it taking a long time to complete your dental procedures and makes you anxious? You can crush your anxiety by knowing more information about the common procedures done at the dentist’s place. We have the most experienced dentist Sidcup can ever get. Our senior dentist has been practicing family dentistry for over 2 decades and can answer to all your dental queries and help it rectified.

He has discussed about some of the common dental procedures in this blog. If you want to know more, visit our website.

Fillings and Repairs

In case of a tooth decay or trauma, a tooth repair is essential. For this, restorative materials are used to repair the damaged teeth. Tooth Decays can be detected using cavity detecting dye, x-rays and laser cavity detection. A tooth Trauma is caused due to several reasons, a few being broken teeth, tooth grinding, etc. The common material used to repair teeth is a filling that is a tooth-coloured resin that resembles natural teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

When tooth decay advances and affects the tooth’s pulp (a small tissue in the centre of the tooth), the tooth becomes highly infected and starts aching.  As the pulp contains nerves, veins and tissue, root canal treatment is essential to seal the root canal after cleaning, shaping and filling.

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns help in protecting and restoring the damaged teeth. Crowns, also known as tooth caps, are placed on the entire part of the tooth. It is usually made of porcelain or combination of material or metal. They are usually placed over the visible part of the damaged tooth.

Bridges and Implants

Bridges and implants are used to replace missing tooth. While a bridge is a removable denture, dental implants are metal frames that surgically placed in the place of the missing tooth. Implants give long-term benefits and minimize bone loss.

Tooth Extraction

Extraction is done to remove the tooth from its place. If there is a severe damage to the tooth that cannot be rectified, then extraction is done as a final option.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth gets stained naturally over a period of time due to various types of foods we consume. Teeth whitening is done to improve the discoloration on the teeth. It is the most common dental procedure.


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