A Guide To Choose Workout Supplements

Are you an athlete who is working towards achieving new strength goal or are you trying to boost the exercise intensity? Whatever it is, a workout supplement will help you take your endurance to the next level. Well, the source for the article is a short research on workout supplement and here’s a quick summary of that to make it simpler.

Before the training session, a supplement containing carbohydrates and some amounts of caffeine works best as it delays fatigue and helps in staying strong for the rest of the training session. But immediately after the session, a muscle need a speedy recovery. Hence, BCAA works wonders to prevent muscle tissue damage and helps in speeding the recovery process.

Here are some ingredients that will be part of the pre- and post-workout supplements

  1. Carbohydrates

It is present in both pre- and post- workout supplements. As they are the key to fueling the muscles. Complex carbohydrates get stored in the body as Glycogen. When this glycogen is depleted, the body experiences fatigue. Carbs give energy to the muscles in the quickest and easiest way possible.

People engaged in high-intensity training must consume up to 4.5 grams of carbs per pound of their body weight and it varies depending on each individual.

  1. Caffeine

It is present in both pre- workout supplements. Caffeine is necessary as it gives an effortless feel even for a long session of workout. If athletes consumed caffeine one hour prior to the workout session, their endurance during a workout is increased by considerable amounts.

Too much of caffeine will make you feel jittery and nervous. It is advised to consume it in moderate amounts and not more than 600mg per day.

  1. Vitamin C

It is present in both pre- and post- workout supplements. Vitamin C help the body to relieve stress as it is an anti-oxidant. In addition, it protects the athlete from developing coughing or wheezing during the workout sessions.

While Women should get 75 mg of Vitamin C per day, Men should get 90 mg per day.

  1. Vitamin B6 and B12

It is present in both pre- and post- workout supplements. These vitamins are required the most when the body is in stress.

  1. BCAA

It is present in both pre- and post- workout supplements. It helps in the digestion of food, repairs the body tissue and promotes muscle growth.

One can consume up to 20 gms per day.