Month: May 2018

The day has dawned and you see a few of your relatives surprisingly visiting your home. The thought of going to office starts bothering you now. So, you start thinking of excuses that would help you get out of work without any questions asked. Generally, in the first place medical reasons work best as anyone might fall sick anytime without a prior notice. Secondly, family emergencies are widely accepted and if you execute the reason in an appropriate way to your boss, you are likely to get excused.

If you want just a day off from work pretend as if you have locked the keys in your car. You can further add that you have called up a locksmith who says that it will take a few hours to reach your place. Be proactive in your statements that you are trying your best to get to work.  This works as a good excuse if you are particularly neglectful but be careful that your boss does not offer you a lift. For more such workable work excuses visit

Your children can help in most of the situations to get out of work. The companies allow you get out of work for excuses pertaining to family matters. It could be an ill child that you need to take care off or attend your kid’s school play as a parent. Whatever story you are trying to weave, you will certainly get a list of excuses when it comes to attending your kid’s needs.

Another reason that works well is the prevailing weather at your place. You can inform your boss that there is a deep snow fall around your place and you cannot get out of house or take the car out. You need to inform your boss that it is dangerous for anyone to go out in that snow. This ensures that even your boss does not send anyone to check as it is risky for the person as well. Likewise, there are lots of good excuses that you can come up with to convince your boss.


By performing various cardio workouts you can keep yourself fit and healthy. Cardio exercises help you burn fat and shed weight. Apart from weight loss, there are many benefits that you can enjoy out of cardio exercises. The cardio workouts provide healthy heart, boost mood, boost immunity, improve blood circulation and boost your weight loss. The following are the top five cardio exercises that you can follow to have a fit body.

Walking: It is the simplest form of exercise yet provides great benefits. It not only helps you burn calories but also serve as a low impact workout that is mild on joints. To get your heart pumping you will have to take a brisk walk. Regular brisk walking helps maintain a healthy weight, prevents various health conditions including diabetes, heart conditions and blood pressure.

Climbing stairs: This exercise provides you a great calorie burn. A person weighing 150 lbs can burn up to 1000 calories by running over stairs. However, it is not necessary that you run over stairs for an hour. If you simply walk up and down the stairs for 10 minutes you considerably burn up to 110 calories. Along with it if you also follow a healthy diet programs like Nutrisystem, Medifast, you will be able to lose weight effectively. Nutrisystem is very convenient to follow and it does not require a doctor’s recommendation; whereas Medifast requires a doctor’s recommendation. When you have to choose between the two, it is necessary that you go through comparison reviews and choose the most suitable one. Visit Jane Seymour website for a detailed comparison review about the two diet planners.

Jumping rope: This is one of the best cardio exercises for weight loss. It makes your heart stronger and strengthens the leg bones and muscles. Doctors suggest that it is a low impact workout when compared to running and best suitable for adults.

Cycling: Through cycling you can burn some serious amount of calories, strengthen heart and leg muscles. If you choose to cycle outdoors it helps you enjoy fresh air and receive vitamin D. If the outdoor cycling may not suit your busy schedule, you can opt to cycle indoors. It is a low impact workout and helps you burn 400 to 600 calories.

Rowing: This is a full body exercise that workouts your hamstrings, back, glutes, biceps, triceps, shoulders and core body. In addition to strength training the cardio benefits that you will derive out of this workout are intensive.

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