The Best Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures are some of the healthiest ways for people to have cannabis. This is basically where the cannabis oil, also called a dropper is pretty much where the goodies are. After the flower gets processed, the cannabis is then processed through an oil, usually MCT or olive oil. Tinctures were considered the best way to consume cannabis until the banning of these back in 1937. But then, they became popular again, because they would help with aches along with pains. While there are a lot to choose from, there is indeed a tincture for every type of person out there, and here, we’ll go over the best ones out there for each and every single problem that’s out there. Tinctures work fast, and they are known for being very potent, very fast, kicking in within 40 minutes and lasting for up to 6 hours!


This is a CBDA-focused texture that is good for those who want some great cannabinoid benefits from this. It’s great for reducing inflammation, so it will help reduce this, improve the bodily functions and recovery, and also is great for reducing the anxiety feelings too. It’s great for activating serotonin receptors too, which means you’re getting better sleep, less anxiety, and better mood sets too. This tincture is made with olive oil as the main focus, and the taste is definitely a bit more bitter due to the raw cannabis nature of this. Olive oil tinctures are great too, since they do give you the full spectrum benefits. It’s great for those who have osteoarthritis, and for those who do have aches and pains.

Cosmic View

This is another wonderful kind of tincture since this is from a woman-owned company that’s a great tincture for daytime activities and tasks.. it’s ideal for those who work during the day. 

What’s best about this one is the ability to allow for the body to feel happy and whole. This is due to the CBD that does regulate the levels of serotonin within the body, which is great for mood swings, appetite, and anxiety too. 

For those energetic people, this is definitely a good one for those really detail-oriented kinds of tasks, and it  can be used to build focus and help you figure out how to do everything. It’s both calming, and great for a bit of a head high. It’s full spectrum and also comes with pure 100% holistic ingredients. 

Care By Design 40:1

This is something that is very CBD rich in terms of product, and this is something that can definitely be very potent. With over 32 mg. in each serving, and less than 1 mg of THC within a serving, this is a great way to actually ensure that your cannabinoid receptor system is working good, and also helps to calm the immune system down, without the effects of THC. This is really good for those who are trying to quit substances, and this is something that a lot of people who are taking tolerance breaks for THC also enjoy, since it’s great for that, and does calm down the needs. This is made with NMCT oil too, which is good for digesting nutrients and fat, helps to lose weight, and also helps curb and control your appetite too. These tinctures are usually CBD focused, but Yummi Karma does have one that’s really good for the mood, and it also helps to relieve symptoms associated with menopause. Tinctures are a great tool, and they’re something that a lot of people do like. The fact that they’re this simple to use, but so effective, is a benefit in it of itself.

Meet the Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are the most major ingredients in cannabis and are basically the guys responsible for the medical and psychoactive results from this. 

This can be a bit overwhelming for some people, but the science behind this is fascinating. Whether you’re interested in improving and adding cannabis to your self-care routine, or also making sur that you get the euphoria from this, the cannabinoids are the first place to start, and are the ones that you definitely want to focus on. 

Cannabinoids are basically natural parts of the cannabis plant. They do interfere with our bodies through what’s called the endocannabinoid system. While only identified recently, this is one of the most important ways to regulate different bodily functions, and a large part of what makes cannabinoids very powerful for humans. 


THCA is known as the mother cannabinoid and is considered one of the most important cannabinoids out there. While it’s not a natural psychoactive, it’ll convert to HTC, which is the most prevalent and most popular cannabinoid for the high that it has. While it may seem like it doesn’t od much, it can help with inflammation issues, nausea treatments, and even helping with Alzheimer’sTHC is very abundant, and it’s the most popular because of the high. It’s a very powerful way to fight pains, aches, and even muscle strains, and even helps with reducing the instance of nausea, while also stimulating your appetite as well, and offering benefits that are both big and very small too. 

CBD: a “New” Cannabinoid

CBD is actually not as old as you think it is. CBD is actually something that was discovered recently.  THC does offer a great euphoria, but it does impart psych activity, and this buzz can be energizing, but it can definitely impact mood and energy. 

But CBD is very powerful without the high, abut instead helps to improve the mood and energy you have, and is powerful as an anti-inflammatory. It’s great for anxiety, stress, and also is something that has been found via evidence to be very supportive as well. 


CBN is a newer cannabinoid.  This is something that may be a result of the high of CBD, but it’s not just that. CBN is something that’s made through the breakdown of THC through light and heat, so if you left your weed in sunlight, you’d have a strain high in CBN. 

Some people believe this one is great for inflammation, and it actually has been found, according to a study done in 2017, to be a very powerful way to help aid with sleep. 


This is a cannabinoid that seems minor, but it’s actually something that can treat a lot of different conditions. It’s currently being looked at to treat different medical conditions, including glaucoma, IBD, and possibly even cancer as well.  The problem with CBG is that up to this point, it was hard to source, but with more and more cannabis growers creating strains that are naturally high with this, it could be something that can turn out to be a powerhouse in the medical field. Although right now, the studies are still there.  These cannabinoids happen in varying dosages depending on the strain, or product that you’re consuming. For those who are interested in making sure that you get the most benefits that you can, and for those who are interested in making sure everything is good, you can talk to someone at the dispensary that you go to for strains high in each of these to help with making your decision and making this easier for you as well.